This is another post focusing on the merging points between classic B/X-style fantasy, and science-fantasy. I was partly prompted to write this by an email from the GM of a Vaarn campaign, asking for my thoughts on incorporating traditional magic-user PCs into Vaults of Vaarn. I'm personally happy with how Mystic Gifts work in vanilla… Continue reading SOURCERY


Elixirs are the province of the Vaarnish alchymist, a catch-all term for wondrous unguents, salves, tonics, nectars, and draughts, the recipes for which have been passed down through the eons. Infused with exotic molecules and enthusiastic nanomachinery, these single-use concoctions grant the drinker a variety of beneficial effects. They may be ingested by all PCs… Continue reading ELIXIRS

Bloodheist: Folly and Doom

We are back for a few updates on Bloodheist. The ruleset posted yesterday was not entirely complete, as it lacked specifics on Follies and Dooms. Fear not, because this post has you covered. FOLLIES A Folly is triggered whenever a character reaches 3 on their Doom track. They represent the negative effects of gathering Doom… Continue reading Bloodheist: Folly and Doom