Penny De Redful Writes In

Some of the writing work I've been doing recently for Bloodheist has been in collaboration with Penny De Redful. Penny is the pseudonymous author of the weekly Scandal Sheet, a scurrilous rag full of gossip and rumours, a publication that every vampire in the Undying Empire decries as an atrocious breach of privacy when their name… Continue reading Penny De Redful Writes In

Bloodheist: The Clearlake Sanitarium

I run my vampire heist game Bloodheist fairly regularly, but I don't often post the play reports, which I think is a mistake. I was lucky enough to playtest the game with a small new group this weekend, so I've decided to offer a brief summary of the proceedings. The playtesters rolled up completely random… Continue reading Bloodheist: The Clearlake Sanitarium

Bloodheist Trailer

Preparations for the Bloodheist Zinequest Kickstarter are very nearly complete, and we should be launching on the 2nd of February. I have been hard at work this week on a fun little trailer video to accompany the campaign, featuring voiceover by Annie Kelly from the conspiracy theory and internet politics podcast QAnon Anonymous, and a… Continue reading Bloodheist Trailer

Bloodheist: Playtest I

I recently ran a full playthrough of 'The Crimson Countess', a scenario I'm planning to include with the core rules of Bloodheist, my upcoming vampire heist game. I designed the scenario to be reasonably straightforward to run, without too many locations or named characters. The set-up is that the party are deposited in Mountberg, a… Continue reading Bloodheist: Playtest I

Bloodheist: Folly and Doom

We are back for a few updates on Bloodheist. The ruleset posted yesterday was not entirely complete, as it lacked specifics on Follies and Dooms. Fear not, because this post has you covered. FOLLIES A Folly is triggered whenever a character reaches 3 on their Doom track. They represent the negative effects of gathering Doom… Continue reading Bloodheist: Folly and Doom