For eons unguessed at, the imminence of death has been a fearful black wing that unfurls across the minds of sapient beings. To escape mortality has been the pre-occupation of magicians, philosophers, kings, science mystics, gene-sculptors and demon-speakers and fortune-twisters alike. Throughout the long-faded eras of Urth, the means by which a mortal man could… Continue reading THE FIVE IMMORTAL PATHS

Penny De Redful Writes In

Some of the writing work I've been doing recently for Bloodheist has been in collaboration with Penny De Redful. Penny is the pseudonymous author of the weekly Scandal Sheet, a scurrilous rag full of gossip and rumours, a publication that every vampire in the Undying Empire decries as an atrocious breach of privacy when their name… Continue reading Penny De Redful Writes In


Beyond the canted slopes of the Rusthollow Hills, three days’ ride past the abandoned Freekeep of Lyre, across the dust-scrawled ghost of a river that died so many ages ago that none recall its name, you will find a chapel sacred to those who ruled this land when our ancestor’s ancestors were not yet born. … Continue reading CHAPEL OF THE VOID SAINTS