At long last, our brave boys return! We've had a rough couple of months for scheduling, but the gang were finally able to get back on the road and play two consecutive sessions of our Vaarn campaign. Last time we saw them the crew had entered the dungeon underneath the Water Baron's keep, ostensibly to… Continue reading VAARN ACTUAL PLAY: EPISODE 22 & 23


Strange beings even by the standards of Vaarn, Lithlings are a slow, solemn species with a silicon-based biology that surely originates in a solar system far removed from Urth. They are solitary by nature, concerned mainly with the opinions of other Lithlings, and with the esoteric academic studies they devote their long lives to.  Lithlings… Continue reading PLAYER ANCESTRY: LITHLING

Guest spot on The Lost Bay Podcast

Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know that I'm on the latest episode of The Lost Bay Podcast, which is a new show that interviews RPG creators about their work. We talked for ages about science-fiction, writing for RPGs as compared to writing novels, my process as an illustrator, the lore of Dark Souls,… Continue reading Guest spot on The Lost Bay Podcast