I am excited to finally announce Vaults of Vaarn: Deluxe Edition, a hardback compilation of the first three issues of Vaults of Vaarn. I’ve been feverishly working on this book all year and the book is now out! Buy from Antipode Zines here or Games Omnivorous here. In the US it is available via Exalted Funeral.

The book is a remaster of the content in the first three zines, with additional bonus material. Some rules text has been reworded or expanded to address common questions, and there are a few alterations to the Advancement and Mystic Gifts rules (I have explained the changes here). However, it is largely the same content that you already know and love. I have produced more than 50 new pieces of art for the hardback book, including illustrations for every single monster and vehicle.

The Deluxe Edition will be A5 sized, printed in dark blue ink on white paper, and weighs in at 144 pages. It will also have a blue ribbon to mark your page. The book will be published by Games Omnivorous, who are known for their high-quality tabletop gaming products like Mausritter, The Haunted Almanac, and The Undying Sands. I feel that I’m in excellent company here and I’m really excited to be joining the Omnivorous roster.

The Deluxe Edition is now available, and retails at €35, the same price as The Haunted Almanac.


    1. Thank you Ray, I’m hoping it will be worthwhile for those who bought the original releases as well, there is a lot of new artwork and some new adventure locations.


    1. I would imagine so, I’m not in charge of distribution for this one but I can’t see why there wouldn’t be a PDF purchase.


      1. The hardback isn’t quite ready to buy yet, we’re still printing the covers. It will be available very soon though!


      2. Sorry! If it helps, we are likely going to do a reprint in September so hopefully you’ll be able to get one of those.


      3. I would assume EF will make another wholesale order, so I would advise signing up to be notified when they have it in stock again.


      4. So it’s been delayed a bit, latest word from Games Omnivorous is Jan 2023. Apologies but I’m not in control of printing or stocking the hardback so all I can really do is repeat what I’m told.


    1. Hello, so the first print run is sold out. There’s a second print run of 500 copies which should be coming to stores in January 2023. I’ll post on the blog once there’s a finalised date.


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