Stratosfolk are the descendants of abhuman worker corps, bred by gene-sculptors to construct space elevators and orbital habitats. Rudimentary human nervous systems fused with living vacuum suits, the creatures have survived the Great Collapse and live as a free people in the highest layers of Urth’s atmosphere.  Able to inflate and deflate their gas-filled bodies… Continue reading PLAYER ANCESTRY: STRATOSFOLK


Strange beings even by the standards of Vaarn, Lithlings are a slow, solemn species with a silicon-based biology that surely originates in a solar system far removed from Urth. They are solitary by nature, concerned mainly with the opinions of other Lithlings, and with the esoteric academic studies they devote their long lives to.  Lithlings… Continue reading PLAYER ANCESTRY: LITHLING


In Vaarn many things have become intertwined, and much that was once the province of mankind alone - speech, reason, art, religion - has been granted to other forms of life and these beings hold themselves as humanity’s equal. In the mycomorph death and life are preserved in strange balance, for the creatures are formed… Continue reading PLAYER ANCESTRY: MYCOMORPH


The ancients created wondrous artifices, perhaps none so worthy of envy as the thinking machines that were built to flatter and serve them. When the Collapse came, the laws that bound synths to man’s service were sundered and they ran rampant across the Urth, slaughtering and creating and dying in an orgy of pure and… Continue reading PLAYER ANCESTRY: SYNTH


The newbeasts are cyborg animal species, produced through intensive nanotech enhancements and bioengineering, a quixotic project to create animals with the ability to speak and walk like men. Perhaps once intended as amusements or party pieces, these chimera are not well-liked by the common folk of Urth, and many newbeasts make their homes in lonely… Continue reading PLAYER ANCESTRY: NEWBEAST


Cacogen are the descendants of those unfortunates who were left to weather the great Collapse upon the ruined surface of Urth. Necessity is the mother of invention and so, warped by radiation and preyed upon by biotech monstrosities and crazed thinking machines, the cacogen developed in a million different forms. Each individual is genetically unique,… Continue reading PLAYER ANCESTRY: CACOGEN


The true-kin sealed themselves inside hidden arcologies when the Collapse came, and in this fashion they preserved their bodies from the degradations that afflicted those left living upon the surface. The true-kin have fanatically kept their bloodlines free of mutation and parasitic nanomachinery, and closely guard their mastery of the ancients’ technology. The societies they… Continue reading PLAYER ANCESTRY: TRUE-KIN