The true-kin sealed themselves inside hidden arcologies when the Collapse came, and in this fashion they preserved their bodies from the degradations that afflicted those left living upon the surface. The true-kin have fanatically kept their bloodlines free of mutation and parasitic nanomachinery, and closely guard their mastery of the ancients’ technology. The societies they built inside their secluded arcologies were hierarchical and caste-based; traditions the true-kin have carried with them into their re-colonisation of the surface world and establishment of the New Hegemony. 

True-kin are the ‘default human’ choice for player characters in Vaarn. They don’t have any disadvantages, but there are no great advantages either. So far they’re the least popular ancestry for players to choose, which is is what I expected. This post contains the tables I use to generate true-kin player characters.


Roll five d20s to discover your physique:

d20BuildFaceHairClothingDistinct Feature
1TallSallowBlack RagsRitual Scars
2ShortLively BrownAnimal SkinsExtensive Tattoos
3FrailCruelRedRough TunicSlave Brand
4Muscular WrinkledBlondeNomad’s AttireHeavy Jewellery 
5FatScarredGreyWorker’s AttireSynthetic Limb
6ThinFrowning WhiteHerdsman’s AttireBlind
7Skeletal PaleShavedSlave ClothingClone Brand
8Hunched GreasyTopknotServant’s LiveryLimp
9Lopsided WideGreenShabby AttireStrange Pet
10Lithe NarrowOrangeColourful AttireLacquered Teeth
11Gnarled SharpGlowingPriest’s RobesUlfire Eyes
12Squat HungryFungus Clerk’s UniformOctarine Eyes
13Bloated HauntedPurpleHegemony GarbDyed Skin
14Gangly JollyYellowSoldier’s ClothingGolden Teeth
15Child-likeRoundCloud-likeFlamboyant AttireChromed Tongue 
16Tanned MournfulBurnt Musician’s AttireMissing Limb
17Translucent Child-likeBraidedVeiled AttireMissing Eye
18Lanky Peaceful GreasyGaudy ClothingReligious Apparel
19Cyborg SleepyMattedElaborate ClothingSynthetic Eyes
20Injured BrandedLongExpensive ClothingVisibly Diseased 

Roll four d20s to discover your personality and past:

d20NameDemeanourFailed CareerYour Misfortune
1Benjoe AmusedActorFormer Cultist  
2Leif Bitter Bandit Bereaved 
3XurmMorbid  Blacksmith Orphaned
4Kazor Blunt Beggar Bankrupted
5Essana CheerfulBounty HunterConned
6Calista Cruel  Clone Catcher Framed
7Jinny Flamboyant    Cook   Addicted
8Vela Glowering  Fortune Teller Blackmailed
9Leksei Impish Gambler Exiled
10Ippash LaconicGladiatorEscaped Clone
11Lagad Patrician Golden Barge Crew Escaped Slave
12Myli Reckless  Inquisitor  Water Debtor
13NiridRough Monk Gambling Debtor
14Ardel Rude Scribe   Sold Memories
15Senefer SlyServantThief
16PharmonSour  Soldier Rejected
17MesuStoic Spy Falsely Imprisoned
18Lenta FoolishSurgeonWasting Sickness
19Goza Warm  Warden Wayward Children
20BablWolfish Water MerchantHeretic

Last, roll a d20 to discover your family’s caste, something very important in true-kin society. The caste of your character is of interest for background reasons only; social differences in the New Hegemony have lessened weight in the blue ruin of Vaarn. However, true-kin take these caste lines seriously.

  • 1-5 Servitor Caste: You are descended from the menial workers who maintained the vents and machinery of the sacred arcologies. None are below you and all may command you, and your life in the New Hegemony will be hard and short.
  • 6-11 Freeholder Caste: You are descended from those who worked as artisans and craftsmen in the arcologies. You are entitled to practise the craft of your ancestors, and to teach it to your children.
  • 12-15 Optimate Caste: You are descended from those who worked as administrators and scribes within the arcologies. You will be taught to read and write, and to commune with the lesser machinery of the ancients. You may apply for a position in a temple or secluded college, although you may only advance as far as the third rank.
  • 16-18 Armiger Caste: You are descended from those who fought to protect the arcologies as they were constructed, and from those who policed the subterranean communities during the long centuries they sheltered and preserved humanity. You are entitled to wear the sword and pistol of authority, to command troops for the Hegemon, and to advance within esoteric and warrior societies.
  • 19-20 Exultant Caste: You are descended from the priest-scientists who designed the arcologies and regulated their machinery and biospheres. Your family is of Hegemonic Court Rank, and you may belong to any number of esoteric societies, temples, or secluded colleges. The Senate of the New Hegemony is exclusively comprised of Exultant families, who collectively own and administer most of the territories claimed by the Hegemony, including Vaarn.

Finally, I want to show the generator tables in action. Rolling my dice, I generate for physique: lithe build, peaceful face, fungus hair, Hegemony garb, dyed skin. For personality and history I generate: Xurm, Golden Barge Crew, cruel demeanour, escaped clone, and Freeholder caste.

From these results I think we can reasonably ascertain that Xurm is a ship’s clone, a miserable life to be sure, and has likely escaped from their Golden Barge while it was docked in the New Hegemony. The dyed skin and fungal hair are not uncommon amongst mass-produced clones, who once free will seize upon any body modifications they can get in order to lessen the chances that they will be recognised or recaptured. Xurm’s lithe build is typical of one who has spent much of their life in barge-gravity; doubtless they will be seeking any means of increasing their muscle mass now they are in Vaarn. Their peaceful face belies Xurm’s cruel and and callous nature, and it seems doubtful that the life they find amongst the azure sands will soften their heart.

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