Stratosfolk are the descendants of abhuman worker corps, bred by gene-sculptors to construct space elevators and orbital habitats. Rudimentary human nervous systems fused with living vacuum suits, the creatures have survived the Great Collapse and live as a free people in the highest layers of Urth’s atmosphere. 

Able to inflate and deflate their gas-filled bodies at will, stratosfolk can ‘swim’ in the air, moving through the stratosphere like pods of dolphins. Intelligent and social, they roost in large family groups on the Wall’s highest spires.

Special Rules

Windbag – your body is filled with buoyant gas, and you can float slowly through the air at will. You cannot bear a human aloft, but you can act as a parachute to arrest their fall.

Flammable – if you are damaged by flames, you take an additional 3d6 explosive damage, and inflict 3d6 damage on everyone around you. 

Spark Tables

1BulbousTrunk-likeFlippersAsh White
2GlobularPlasticPlastic ArmsVoid Black
3PendulousSkull-like TendrilsSilver
5StubbyGlassyDouble as Gas VentsCement Grey
6TubelikeHollowAlso Your EyesXanadu Green
7BloatedBristles with AntennaeCrystallinePlatinum
8FinnedRubberySteel Claws Bronze
9SpindlyMultiple EyesWebbedGunmetal Grey
10RotundMultiple MouthsCrystallineGold
11PlumpLong and WormlikeLong and WormlikeBrass
12TranslucentClassic Gas-maskArmoured GlovesCharcoal
13InjuredMirrored HelmetHydraulic GrabbersGlaucous Blue
15FlabbyFilled With FluidCrudely RepairedSteel Blue 
16SegmentedInsectoidCrab-like, OrganicCinereous Grey
17WrinkledMass of TubesPuppet-likeTaupe
18Pear-shapedRigid MaskSharp and Slender Champagne Pink
19WartyUnsettlingly HumanUnsettlingly HumanSafety Orange
20ImposingBlack Box DetachableUmber
1Albedo Cruel   Intense Curiosity About 
the Below-Lands
Shrill Voice
2CirrusCuriousCloying Scent
3AltoDaringFell Out With Family;
Act of Rebellion
Emit Black Smoke
4NimbusEloquentMilitant Vegetarian
5CumulusGloomyTraditional Period of 
Youthful Wandering
Scared of the Ground
6NoctiluceGreedyCovered in Moss
7FilosusHumbleBlown Away from Clan 
by a Prismatic Tempest
Hiss When Nervous
8HumilisIntenseFoghorn Voice
9LenticulaIrritableEscaping Religious
Persecution in Orbit
Leak Weird Goo
10FractusMellowWorship Clouds
11UncinaMysticalSaw Yourself Wandering 
Vaarn in a Dream
Skin Cold to Touch
12FibraProudLove Eating Bees
13SpissatusSolemnSeeking Cure for 
Rare Disease
‘Speak’ using Recordings
14VolutaSuspiciousFascinated by Walking
15CastellanasTactlessNeed Inspiration for 
Great Work of Art
Friends with a Bird
16ArcusVindictiveSworn Foe of a Bird
17SilvagenitusWarmSeek Revenge on 
a Below-Dweller
Kite Enthusiast
18MurusWittySymbiotic Void-Lobsters
19ActinoWell-readSearching for Long-Lost 
Family Member
Worship a Comet
20Perlucida Zealous  Ardent Monarchist

Making Our Own Stratosfolk

Lastly, we shall use the tables to create our own Stratosfolk PC. We have a Finned Body and a Plastic Head, with Armoured Gloves for hands and a Cement Grey finish. Our name is Fibra, we are Irritable, and we descended from the heights of Urth’s upper world because we were Blown Away from our Clan by a Prismatic Tempest. Our quirk is that we are Scared of the Ground.

I feel for Fibra: she seems to be an adventurer in Vaarn from necessity rather than by choice. She may be irritable, but who wouldn’t be after losing their entire extended family in a storm, perhaps forever? Her finned grey body makes me imagine a dolphin-like form, with a pair of biomechanical limbs that emerge from a hatch in her underbody. If I were playing as Fibra, I would decide that the Prismatic Tempest damaged her somehow: maybe she lacks the ability to return to the upper atmosphere without repairs, or perhaps her navigational memories have been erased somehow? I like that: she remembers her clan’s home exists, but finding her way there again is almost impossible without the correct navigation data for the orbital structure. She’s a treasure-hunter, but only until she finds the ancient charts she needs to return home.


  1. That’s a great concept. Would they move a little slower than most folks most of the time (air currents aside)?


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