I’ve been wanting to make the Planeyfolk a playable ancestry for a while, I just hadn’t sat down and worked out how their special rules would function. I finally decided to have a stab at it today. Here are the results.

The study of hypergeometry claimed many casualties, for those who seek to unpick the stitches of creation do so at great risk. The slightest mistake in hypergeometric calculations could cause strange and ghastly distortions of matter, birthing monstrosities of perspective and volume, the sight of which turned even the most courageous man into a coward.

Planeyfolk are the descendants of such unfortunates, a race fathered by those who slipped through the cracks of Euclidean space into something new and strange. Some have normal proportions, and can be mistaken for a true person when viewed head-on. Others are possessed of more exotic geometry, their forms warped by impossible vanishing points and blasphemous angles.

Special Rules

Flat – You were born without a third dimension, and resemble a living painting or paper doll. You can slip through cracks and under doors, and cannot be seen from the side. You take halved damage from bludgeoning attacks, and doubled damage from slashing or piercing attacks. You must make a STR save to move across open ground against the wind. 

Attune– You struggle to hold 3D objects, and must make a DEX save to do so. However, with certain techniques you can draw 3D objects into your flattened reality. Given a few hours’ of quiet concentration, you may attune yourself with an item and add it to your inventory. Once altered in this way the item cannot be made whole again.

Spark Tables

4WaifishCrescent shapedVoluminousMasked
7Staccato AngularIridescentFractal

1ClothoAnxiousYou Cast Two Shadows
2AtroposArrogant You Never Cast Shadows
3OsteriaAssertive Move Like Stop-Motion Animation
4VaniseCharismatic Your Face Appears Concave
5WhervilConcietedYour Face Appears Convex
6LaomerDecadent You Always Appear In Profile
7JarnaqEloquent You Always Face Away From Observers
8ThelikExtravagant One Limb Is Enormously Long
9UmbrieHedonistic  If Viewed From Behind You Have No Skin
10SalterImpulsive Your Interiors Are Visible, But Cannot be Touched
11AtlassiaIrritable Your Hands Are Fractal; Tiny Hands on Ends of Fingers
12EukelarisMeticulousYou Bleed Gory Cubes
13GalasPersistentYour Body is Clearly Hollow
14TarviQuiet Eyes Appear to be Holes of Infinite Depth
15UntermanceReligious Voice Sounds As If You Are Far Away
16RassiasPugnaciousYou Have No Back, Just Two Identical Fronts
17MenomeoScholarly Your Head Is Ten Times Larger Than Your Body
18IthariStern You Never Seem to Touch Anything
19CanetonusUnrulyYou Have Multiple Identical Faces 
20TroutVolatileYou Never Match the Ambient Light
Pablo Picasso, In The Style Of

As I often do, I’ll end by using the tables to generate a character. We end up with Menomeo, a pugnacious planeywoman with a rhomboid head. Her body is waifish, he attire polychromatic, and her hair is voluminous. Her strange geometric quirk is that she bleeds gory red cubes. Interesting. I imagine her as some kind of entertainer, perhaps living on the walls of a Gnomonian tavern. The fact that her blood turns 3D when it leaves her body is fascinating. I imagine some of Gnomon’s Philosopher’s Guilds would pay quite handsomely to investigate that effect further, a fate Menomeo would do well to avoid…


  1. I dig this ancestry a lot, please try and get it into Issue #3, if you’re able. Thank you for making your stuff available in print, from multiple sources as well. A lot of us older folks pretty much only buy physical books


    1. Thank you! I’m not sure if it will be #3, it will definitely be in print though. There’s a good chance I’ll be bringing out a more comprehensive publication later in the year so this will definitely be in that.


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