Cacogen are the descendants of those unfortunates who were left to weather the great Collapse upon the ruined surface of Urth. Necessity is the mother of invention and so, warped by radiation and preyed upon by biotech monstrosities and crazed thinking machines, the cacogen developed in a million different forms. Each individual is genetically unique, gifted in surprising and disturbing ways. Cacogen outnumber true-kin by ten to one, and believe they are the true inheritors of Urth. 

Cacogen are, of course, the mutated humans of Vaarn. They get a variety of strange mutations at character creation, which can be helpful, a hinderance, or just weird.

Annoyingly I can’t find the credit for this awesome drawing.

Roll four d20 to determine your basic physical features:

1TallSallowBlack Rags
2ShortLively BrownAnimal Skins
3FrailCruelRedRough Tunic
4Muscular WrinkledBlondeNomad’s Attire
5FatScarredGreyWorker’s Attire
6ThinFrowning WhiteHerdsman’s Attire
7Skeletal PaleShavedSlave Clothing
8Hunched GreasyTopknotServant’s Livery
9Lopsided WideGreenShabby Attire
10Lithe NarrowOrangeColourful Attire
11Gnarled SharpGlowingPriest’s Robes
12Squat HungryFungus Clerk’s Uniform
13Bloated HauntedPurpleHegemony Garb
14Gangly JollyYellowSoldier’s Clothing
15Child-likeRoundCloud-likeFlamboyant Attire
16Tanned MournfulBurnt Musician’s Attire
17Translucent Child-likeBraidedVeiled Attire
18Crystalline Peaceful GreasyGaudy Clothing
19ChunkySleepyMattedElaborate Clothing
20Injured BrandedLongExpensive Clothing

Roll four d20 to determine your name and personality:

NameDriveDemeanourFailed Career
1Arda Craves DrugAbrasive Actor 
2Bollo  Craves DrinkArrogant Assassin 
3Breen Religious ManiaAssertive Bandit 
4Conch Seek RevengeCharismatic Beggar 
5Crab Pay off DebtDaring Charioteer  
6Dancer Pilgrimage Decadent Cook   
7Doss Escaped SlaveEloquent Cut-Purse 
8Hust Fleeing the LawExtravagant Fence  
9Jal Collect DebtHedonistic  Gambler 
10Lask Craves Arcane KnowledgeImpulsive Gladiator 
11Lip Craves FameIrritable Gravedigger   
12Olm Craves WealthMelancholy Hangman  
13Pirrip  Missing Family MemberParanoid Organ Thief 
14Poucher Missing Friend Quiet Monk 
15Pree Hates a RivalReligious Servant  
16Uz  Unrequited LoveRomantic Sin-Eater
17Whistler Forbidden LoveScholarly Singer  
18YazCraves PowerStern Soldier 
19Yoss Create ArtVain Spy 
20Zem Carnal LustVolatile Thug  

Last but not least, roll d100 to determine the nature of your mutation. You are encouraged to do so up to three times:

01Acid BloodYour blood is acidic. 
02Adhesive TouchYour hands and feet stick to sheer surfaces.
03Albino Your body has no pigmentation. 
04AntlersYou have antlers like an elk or moose. 
05Armour Your body is protected by natural armour. Add +2 to your AC.  
06Backwards Head Your head is backwards.
07Backwards LegsYour legs are backwards.
08Beak You have a bird-like beak for a mouth. 
09Bioelectrical GenerationYou can generate jolts like an electric eel. 
10Bioluminescence Your body can produce a faint glow.  
11Body BarbsYou have sharp barbs on your body. 
12Bristles You have thick coarse bristles for hair. 
13Bulbous Eyes Your eyes are enormous. 
14Chameleon SkinYour skin matches its surroundings. 
15Claws, CrabOne or both hands are crab-like claws. 
16Claws, RetractableYou have retractable feline claws. 
17Clubfoot One foot is larger and heavier than the other.
18Compound Eyes Your eyes are like those of a fly. 
19Crest, BoneYou have a large bony crest on your head.
20Crest, FeathersYou have a crest of feathers on your head.
21Crown, BoneYou have a crown of bone on your head.
22Crown, CoralYou have a coral-like crown on your head.
23Crown, EyestalksYou have a crown of eyestalks on your head.
24Cyclops EyeYou have a single eye.
25Detachable HeadYour head can detach from your body and move of its own accord. 
26Detachable LimbA single limb can detach from your body and move of its own accord. 
27Dorsal FinYou have a fish-like dorsal fin. 
28Echolocation  You can ‘see’ in pitch-blackness using echoes. 
29Extending LimbsYour limbs can extend to abnormal lengths.
30Extending NeckYour neck can extend to an abnormal length.
31Extra armsYou have d6 more arms than normal. 
32Extra fingersYou have d6 more fingers than normal. 
33Eyestalks Your eyes can extend out of their sockets on stalks. 
34Fangs, VenomousYou have a poisonous bite. 
35FeathersYou have feathers instead of hair. 
36Frog TongueYou have a long sticky tongue that can grab small objects. 
37Fur You are covered in fur. 
38Gills You have gills and can breathe in water. 
39Gliding MembranesYou have gliding membranes between your arms and torso. 
40Goat LegsYou have the legs and hooves of a goat. 
41Headless You have no head; your face is on your torso. 
42Heat Vision You can see heat signatures. 
43Heightened EyesightYou have extremely sharp eyesight and can see details at long distances. 
44Heightened HearingYou have extremely sharp hearing and are difficult to surprise at night. 
45Heightened SmellYou have extremely sensitive smell-receptors and are difficult to surprise at night. 
46Hook, Climbing You have hook-like protrusions on your limbs that allow you to scale sheer surfaces.
47HopperYou have a single, powerful leg. 
48Horns, DevilYou have devil-like horns. 
49Horns, GoatYou have goat-like horns. 
50Horns, Rhino You have a single rhino-like horn. 
51Horse HoovesYou have the legs and hooves of a horse. 
52Huge BeardYou have a gigantic, fast-growing beard that cannot be shaved off. 
53Huge HeadYour head is enormous. 
54Humpback You have a hump like that of a camel, which stores water. 
55Ink DuctsYou can spray out ink like a squid. 
56Kangaroo Pouch You have a torso-pouch like a kangaroo’s.
57Leaves, ScalpYou have leaves instead of hair. 
58Long FaceYour face is extremely long. 
59Long LimbsYour legs or arms are extremely long. 
60Long NeckYour neck is extremely long. 
61Long TongueYour tongue is extremely long. 
62Malleable BodyYour body is rubbery and malleable; you can fit into very tight gaps. 
63Malleable FaceYour face is malleable; you can imitate that faces of others given time. 
64Mane, HairYou have a lion-like mane of hair around your neck. 
65Mane, Tendrils You have a mane of thin tentacles around your neck. 
66Multiple EyesYou have d6 extra eyes. 
67Multiple HeadsYou have d4 heads. 
68Multiple LegsYou have d6 extra legs. 
69No EarsYou have no external ears; just holes.
70Patterned SkinYour skin is striped or spotted. 
71Pleasant FragranceYour scent is pleasing to all.  
72Poison InjectorYou have a poison injector somewhere on your body. 
73Powerful JawsYour jaws and teeth are incredibly strong and can bite through metal. 
74Prehensile FeetYour feet can grip objects like hands; you are a great climber. 
75Prehensile HairYour hair can grab objects and manipulate them like hands. 
76Scaly SkinYour skin is thick and scaly; add +1 to your AC.
77Silk Production You can produce strands of silk like a spider. 
78Skeletal Frame Your body is incredibly skinny and light. 
79Slug BodyYou have a single slimy tail-foot and leave a trail of mucus. 
80Small Stature Your body is child-sized and will never grow larger. 
81SnoutYou have a snout-like, animalistic face. 
82Strangely Hued EyesYour eyes are an unnatural colour. 
83Strangely Hued HairYour hair is an unnatural colour. 
84Strangely Hued SkinYour skin is an unnatural colour. 
85Tail, ClubYou have a club-like, heavy tail. 
86Tail, PrehensileYou have a long, strong tail that can grip objects. 
87Tail, ScorpionYou have a segmented tail with a venomous stinger. 
88Tentacles, ArmsYou have tentacles instead of one or both arms. 
89Tentacles, HairYou have tentacles instead of hair. 
90Toxic Flesh Your flesh is toxic when eaten.
91Transparent SkinYour skin is transparent and your muscles and veins can be seen. 
92Triple Jointed Your limbs have an extra joint. 
93Trunk You have an elephant’s trunk.  
94Tusks You have tusks like a boar. 
95Vestigial WingsYou have vestigial, unusable wings. 
96Vocal Mimic You can perfectly mimic other voices or sounds. 
97Warty SkinYour skin is thick and warty. Add +1 to your AC. 
98Webbed DigitsYour hands and feet are webbed. 
99WhiskersYou have sensitive whiskers like a cat. 
00Wings You have wings that allow you to fly freely. 

Finally, I want to use the generator tables to create a character ready for play. I roll for physical appearance: tall, wide face, brown hair, clerk’s attire. For name, personality, and failed career I roll: Uz, missing friend, scholarly, Sin Eater. Finally for mutations I roll ‘detachable limb’ and ‘club foot’.

From this I think we have a pretty clear picture of Uz: she is a wandering scholar who used to find work as a Sin Eater, someone who would ritually eat a meal on the graves of the dead to take their sins into herself. Her mutations suggest to me that her club foot is detachable in some way; perhaps she uses it as a weapon to defend herself. I imagine it being rather heavy and thick with keratin. I wonder for what reason her friend is missing, and why she moved away from her work as a Sin Eater. The two must be connected somehow…

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