Bloodheist Zine Released

After a long gestation, my RPG zine about vampire thieves, Bloodheist, is out now in PDF! The full PDF costs $4.99 or you can download a free demo version that is basically all the rules and character creation content needed to play! Why are you still here? Go have a look!

You can now buy a printed zine from my store if you would prefer that.

I am frazzled from doing final edits and PDF checking, so I will make this post short, but if you’re out of the loop on Bloodheist, here’s a post from almost a year ago that gives you the basic rundown. If you want to know how a typical session plays out, I’ve done a couple of actual play reports – an early playtest and a more recent game I GM’d using the final version of the rules.

I will be talking more about the game and my design process over the next month. It’s been a long road from the original idea for the game to this release day, but I’m really stoked to have made it.

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