Summer Update

It’s been quiet here recently. I’ve gone away for the first time since March 2020 and frankly I’ve been trying to use my computer as little as I can. Rest assured that I have been working however; I am progressing both with Bloodheist, which should be releasing in October, and an as yet unannounced Vaarn project which I feel sure all blog readers will be very interested to learn about when I can make it public knowledge. I am sorry to be coy but all will be revealed soon.

In the meantime, a couple of related news items: firstly, a new blog has appeared to cover Vaarn-related material! The Buccolia blog is doing a really awesome solo play series in Vaults of Vaarn, and is also posting Vaarn music and some nifty random tables, such as this one for ceremonies and water rituals. All great stuff and I highly recommend readers of this blog check it out! It’s very exciting to see more bloggers opening their third eyes and receiving psychic transmissions from the blue desert.

On Tumblr Dandibuja has illustrated a street scene from Gnomon, where actors are staging the famous death of an Autarch. I love the style and his take on the synth costume, very fun.

Out On Our Own have released a preview track from the next Vaults of Vaarn soundtrack album, which will launch at some point in the future. I have no doubt we’ll be making some more cassettes when it does.

Lastly, if you’ll allow me to briefly shill, the Vaults of Vaarn Patreon continues to grow. This month we’ve had our first Monster Monday vote, where Patrons voted on a spark word and I then created, illustrated, and statted up a Vaarnish monster based on that spark. The winning word this month was ‘radioactive’ and you can check out the monster I created here.

2 thoughts on “Summer Update”

    1. Yeah he’s got a drum machine now so will be a bit more percussive/industrial. Planning for it to be a concept album focussed on the Great Wall I think.

      And the ‘secret project’ is going well, should be into layout in September. Really looking forward to being able to announce it.

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