Bloodheist Trailer

Preparations for the Bloodheist Zinequest Kickstarter are very nearly complete, and we should be launching on the 2nd of February. I have been hard at work this week on a fun little trailer video to accompany the campaign, featuring voiceover by Annie Kelly from the conspiracy theory and internet politics podcast QAnon Anonymous, and a backing track by musician Out On Our Own.

I’m pretty happy considering I shot it all on my phone during a stringent national COVID lockdown; have to make my daily exercise count for something I suppose. Anyway, here it is:

In other news, Vaults of Vaarn zines are now available for purchase in the US via Spear Witch; this is a good option if you don’t want to pay postage from the UK. VOV #2 is also now available in Canada via Monkey’s Paw Games. Hope everyone’s having a good week; I will be shouting about the Kickstarter again soon.

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