Guest Spot on Wobblies & Wizards

I have a new interview out with the Wobblies & Wizards podcast. I talk to Logar the Barbarian about Vaarn, Moebius, academia, making zines, distributing zines, the Antipode Zines store, e-readers vs printed books, why people still love zines in a digital world, and more. Logar is a great interviewer and keeps the energy high… Continue reading Guest Spot on Wobblies & Wizards


The first issue of 'VAULTS OF VAARN' is now available for download or purchase. This is the rules I use to play Vaarn, the character generation tables I use, as well as monsters, NPCs, generators for ruins and rare drugs, basically a mix of material from this blog and also stuff that hasn't been seen… Continue reading VAULTS OF VAARN ZINE NOW AVAILABLE