I am delighted to announce that Vaults of Vaarn: Deluxe Edition has a third print run. The book sold out within days after both printings, so we have gone back to the presses for 1000 new copies. Hopefully this allows people who missed out on the first two runs to grab their own copy!

Order from Antipode Zines (ships from the UK).

Order from Peregrine Coast Press (ships from the UK).

Order from Games Omnivorous (ships from the EU).

Order from All the Problems in This World (ships from the EU).

Order from Monkey’s Paw Games (ships from Canada).

Order from Exalted Funeral (ships from the USA).

Questing Beast Review

If you’re on the fence about buying the Deluxe Edition or would like to see exactly what’s inside, Ben from Questing Beast has you covered:


  1. Do we know what’s going on at Exalted Funeral, at all? Haven’t seen it become available for sale, is there a delay or did it just sell out that quickly from that site? Would prefer not to ship from the UK if I can avoid it.


    1. I believe we’ve now spoken on Reddit but for the benefit of others with a similar question, Exalted Funeral are usually about two weeks behind me in terms of receiving stock, as I live a lot closer to Portugal. The third printing has reached their warehouse as far as I know but it might be another week or so before it’s listed for sale.


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