Greetings wanderers. Your ears do not deceive you: mesmerising tones are indeed echoing across the blue desolation, a sonorous reverie that thrums in one’s chest cavity and sets the zoxen stamping in their stables. I speak of course of the VOVOOO II album teaser, just released on Bandcamp by Out On Our Own!

Just as Issue 3 had its own official soundtrack (which you should listen to if you haven’t, it’s good), the upcoming Issue 4 will also have its own album, some of which you can listen to now! I have been sending OOOO drafts of the fourth zine, so the tunes are a direct sonic response to my ravings. I’m particularly fond of Breaching the Stratosphere and God is in the Wall. The full album should release later this year alongside Vaults of Vaarn #4 (as long as I get my end of the deal together), and will feature 11 tracks. We’re thinking of doing a limited-editon cassette tape run again, with artwork by yours truly and OOOO.

There’s also an awesome collage poster print for sale, which you can peruse on the Bandcamp page. And it’s currently Bandcamp Friday so any payments or donations will go 100% to Out On Our Own.

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