As a follow-up to my last post on Toxin Dice, I thought it would be fun to showcase a few Vaarnish creatures that attack with or use toxins.

Toxic attacks are indicated with the abbreviation TOX. If the affected character fails a CON save, they gain a Toxin Dice of the size indicated. So a d8 TOX attack forces a CON save, and the PC will gain a d8 Toxin Dice that they have to roll. Simple enough I think.

Yuckhog (Biological)
HD 1, Armour 13, Morale 1, Appearing: d8
Attack: Gore (d6) / Yuckspray (d6 TOX)

Notes: Small, highly toxic wild pigs that root around in the garbage wastes of Ikor Quag. Their pelts are a delicate yellow in colour. When threatened, the Yuckhog spews out a foul-smelling corrosive gas which can severely damage the respiratory system.

Glider Spider (Biological)
HD 5, Armour 14, Morale 5, Appearing: d6
Attack: Venomous Bite (d8 + d8 TOX)

Notes: Man-sized predatory arachnids, which hunt in small packs. The creatures have a parasol-like membrane between their legs, which allows them to swoop down upon their prey. They do not build webs, but nest in crevices and holes.

Pontiff Scorpion (Biological)
HD 2, Armour 15, Morale 2, Appearing: 1
Attack: Claw (d4) + Claw (d4) + Sting (d10 TOX)

Notes: Named for its colouring, which resembles the red armour worn by the battle-crazed Pontiffs of the Church of the Everbleeding Wound. These scorpions are nocturnal predators, usually encountered in Vaarn’s southern badlands and the foothills of the Mooncradle Mountains. Adults have been seen to grow to four feet in length, smaller than the Giant Azure Scorpions of the Interior, but still perfectly capable of overpowering a goat or its herdsman.

Gamma Ray (Biological)
HD 1/2, Armour 14, Morale 1, Appearing: 1
Attack: Sting (d6 + d12 TOX)

Notes: These rays are found in the shallows of the Sea of Songs, feeding on crabs, squid, and small fish. The creature is known for its unusual method of defense: it filters heavy metals and toxic waste from the Vaarnish seawater, and concentrates them into a highly radioactive venom, which it injects into predators.

4 thoughts on “TOXIC CREATURES”

  1. Great poison rules, what does this mean for creatures like the Amaranthine Death-Worm? It would be cool to have a creature that dealt the full d20, they seem worthy.


    1. Yeah I think the Death-Worm would be a d20 TOX if I was updating it for these rules. I was also thinking of making a small, humiliatingly unthreatening creature like a snail that has a d20 TOX attack.


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