Antipode Zines

The new year has brought a new venture: I am the proud co-founder of an online store called Antipode Zines. This storefront will be replacing my old Big Cartel shop as the place where you can buy Vaults of Vaarn, Bloodheist, and anything else I make straight from the author.

That isn’t all however! Antipode will be seeking out the best self-published and small press zines and pamphlets around, and collecting them all under one roof. Alongside tabletop RPG zines, we will be selling poetry, art, comics, ephemera, and everything else small, beautiful, and strange.

I’m really excited about this venture and wanted to talk about it here directly. However, rest assured that this site isn’t becoming the Antipode Zines store blog, and I’ll mainly be linking to the storefront in support of the Vaults of Vaarn series. If you want Antipode Zines news I suggest you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, as that’s where we’ll be posting about new arrivals and sales.

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