Issue 04 is still a while off, but I have been producing content for it sporadically throughout 2022. As an early Christmas present, here’s a few of the monsters the PCs might encounter while exploring the Great Wall.

Cannon Beetle

Biological / Synthetic
Level 3, Armour 16, Morale +7, Encountered d6
Attack: Cannon (d12 blast)

The Wall’s voracious predators necessitate an evolutionary response of equal potency. These herbivores are half-beetle and half-armament, and they have learned to shoot first.


Biological / Synthetic
Level 6, Armour 13, Morale +8, Encountered Solo
Attack: Crush (d8 ongoing, STR save to break free)

Cyborg python with subdermal nanomachine integration. The Dreamsnake’s scales act as hologram projectors, allowing it to conjure up bizarre hallucinatory images to entice or distract prey. 

Projection: the Dreamsnake’s scales project swirling baffle-patterns around its body while fighting. Attacks against the snake are made with disadvantage, unless the holograms can be disabled with an EMP.

Goliath Gecko

Level 14, Armour 20, Morale +10, Encountered Solo
Attack: Bite (d12) + Claw (d10) + Claw (d10)

A colossal, carnivorous lizard that stalks the innards of the Wall. Running on sheer surfaces as easily as flat ground, these predators are menaces to all. They have a taste for pack-beetles, and can be distracted by offering up a sacrificial insect.


Level 0 (1 hp), Armour 11, Morale As Group Size, Encountered 2d6
Attack: Claws (d4, hypergeometric)

Hooting hypergeometric horrors, brachiating through the chasms of the Wall in gangs. They resemble cubist fever-dreams and multiply when slain, emitting fresh gibbons in place of blood.

Fissile: unless a hypergeometric weapon is used, killing a Twin-gibbon causes it to divide, creating two new Twin-gibbons. Experienced Wall explorers fight them with non-lethal methods.

Wind Medusa

Level 3, Armour 10, Morale +10, Encountered d8
Attack: Tendrils (d8 TOX + Snared)

Gas-filled colony organisms, purportedly of extrasolar origin. They drift through the cold air of the Wall’s upper reaches, preying upon birds and Stratosfolk. Their gauzy flesh renders them near invisible in all but the brightest light.

Snared: A Snared character has an Armour Defense of 09 and cannot move away from the Medusa. DEX save to break free. The Medusa will begin to rise into the sky with its prize, at a slow but determined pace.

Transparent Flesh: if the PCs fail a group PSY save, the Wind Medusa strikes from ambush.

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