An underserved category of monster is the Outsider, something that hails from beyond the bounds of our universe and is strange even to Vaarn. Here are five Outsiders to throw at your party. Be warned that they all fight in bemusing or annoying ways, and most require hypergeometric or anti-paradox gear to properly fight. 

Also some are lifted from stories I enjoy, including one straight from a film that was recently in cinemas. Spoilers for Jordan Peele’s Nope if you haven’t seen it. 

Spectre of Indifference

Level 1, Armour 11, Morale 15, Appearing d3
Attack: Envelop (d8 EGO drain)

A living fragment of the void between dimensions. A ghastly, hue-less shroud of antilife that feeds upon conscious thought. Encountered near extra-dimensional rifts. For reasons unknown, they cannot feed on children or be perceived by them.

Incorporeal: a Spectre is immune to damage from conventional sources. Only hypergeometric or anti-paradoxical weapons will harm it.

Indifference: those reduced to 0 EGO by a Spectre’s touch do not die, but are empty of intent and consumed by a terrible blankness. They will not react to any stimuli, and die of thirst without intravenous fluids.


Outsider / Mineral
Level 7, Armour 22, Morale 10, Appearing Unique
Attack: Borrowed Time (Special)

Manifold crystals orbit a nucleus of collapsing space-time. A paradox made sentient, an ulcer on causality that steals the past from those it beholds.

Borrowed Time: the Kronophage drains years from its victim’s past, present, and future. The target loses a Level. They must roll 1d8 and subtract the result from their maximum HP, and subtract three points from their maximum ability defences. The Kronophage gains a Level permanently.

PCs reduced below Level 0 by the Kronophage are worse than dead; they never existed at all, and their equipment vanishes with them.

Slaying the monster restores all lost time to those it fed upon. PCs regain their lost Levels.

Occulonimbus Edoequus

Outsider / Hypergeometric
Level 15, Armour 20, Morale 10, Appearing Unique
Attack: Abduct (STR save vs Swallowed) + EMP Aura (Persistent)

A flying extra-dimensional predator, a marriage between a cephalopod’s eyeball and a levitating tent. The creature is formed of living folds of pale flesh, arranged in saucer-shape around a central ravenous aperture. It draws its prey up into the sky by means of un-Urthly attraction, and dissolves them slowly within its folds.

Swallowed: those inside the Occulonimbus lose d8 CON per round. At 0 CON they are absorbed into the creature’s inner membranes.

EMP Aura: the creature’s extra-dimensional nervous system creates a maelstrom of electro-magnetic interference. Any complex machinery brought within shooting distance of the Occulonimbus will shut down. Synths must make a CON save each round or become catatonic.

Face the Dust: characters cannot be abducted if they do not look at the Occulonimbus.


Level 2, Armour 12, Morale 5, Appearing d8
Attack: Hug (d6 damage) / Knife (d6 heal)

Inverted, photonegative-hued people who walk and speak backwards. They wander the blue dunes in family groups, receding from their point of origin in strange halting meanders.

Opposite Day: Negativfolk always do the opposite of what you ask them, and make every action in reverse. They eject un-chewed food back onto empty plates, blue negativblood flows back into their wounds, and the less said about other private functions the better. They react poorly to compliments, hugging or shaking the hand of their foes with lethal results. Hurling abuse at a Negativman may earn you a healing bullet between the eyes.

Negativfolk can only be harmed with healing items, and will be healed by damage.

The God of the Gaps

Outsider / Hypergeometric
Level 10, Armour 18, Morale 12, Appearing Unique
Attack: Jaws (2d8) + Tendrils (d8 TOX)

A chimera of jellyfish, leech, and bearded patriarch, with a gelatinous gelid face and eyes that burn like cold cinders. An early explorer of hypergeometric space, or something from Outside that wears the face of a man to amuse itself.

Lurker in the Gaps: although the God is the size of an orca, it can conceal itself within any gap between two objects, the smaller the better. It swims within fissures the depth of a paper cut, lunging from concealment to devour the unwary. When hidden in a crack, the God is invincible, unless the PCs have some way of entering hypergeometric space to confront it.

1 thought on “FIVE OUTSIDERS”

  1. The Kronophage is cool. I could see someone who is knowledgable about it intentionally allowing it to deexist them on purpose to escape another threat, in the hopes that someone will defeat it eventually. Also imagine defeating this thing and accidentally reexisting something even worse that this thing was being used as a prison for, what a great concept, so much that can be done with this


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