Just a quick update to make readers aware of two awesome fan projects relating to the blue ruins of Vaarn.

Firstly, Leeds-based musician Out On Our Own has recorded an instrumental album based around our ongoing campaign, which you can listen to free on bandcamp! I posted this earlier in the year, but there are new tracks now.

Secondly, RPG creator Jacob Marks has released a pamphlet on detailing three relics that can be discovered in the vaults of Vaarn. This is super exciting for me, as it’s awesome to see people getting use from the setting and adding their own flavour to the stew. He’s also done some great 3D rendered images to go with it, which have this early-internet flavour Hopefully this will be the first of many supplements and hacks for Vaarn. Download it for free here!

If you produce something inspired by Vaults of Vaarn, whether it be art, fiction, blog posts, or rules-hacks, please contact me and I will include it in a round-up post like this one.

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