In the last episode, the party fought off a group of spider-women, went in search of a surgeon for Findus' spider-egg problem, and lost Nephew in a bakery. What will happen this week? Our cast: Flim-Flam, a two-headed cacogen. Proficient cook. Fights with twin pistols. Owns a cyborg hawk named Midnight.Findus, a newbeast. Horse-man with… Continue reading VAARN ACTUAL PLAY: EPISODE 21

Bloodheist Trailer

Preparations for the Bloodheist Zinequest Kickstarter are very nearly complete, and we should be launching on the 2nd of February. I have been hard at work this week on a fun little trailer video to accompany the campaign, featuring voiceover by Annie Kelly from the conspiracy theory and internet politics podcast QAnon Anonymous, and a… Continue reading Bloodheist Trailer


We are back! I've only played intermittently over the last two months, mostly due to the holiday period. However, we are playing on Sunday nights again, and have even managed to schedule two consecutive sessions. In the last episode, the party visited Salari's Grill, an upmarket restaurant on Gnomon's Apex. The Water Baron was also… Continue reading VAARN ACTUAL PLAY: EPISODES 19 & 20

Bloodheist Kickstarter Pre-Launch

I am throwing my hat into the ring for Zinequest 3, which starts in just over a week! I have opened the pre-release page for the Bloodheist zine I'm working on, so you can be notified when the project goes live. I'm currently aiming for launch on the 2nd of February. I've never crowdfunded anything… Continue reading Bloodheist Kickstarter Pre-Launch


Hello everyone, after two months of writing and drawing, the second issue of my zine Vaults of Vaarn has been released! Issue #2 Includes: Information and background on the city of Gnomon: what it looks like, how it feels to walk through its streets, and why your players might visit the city.Seven major NPCs who influence… Continue reading VAULTS OF VAARN #2 RELEASE