This is another post focusing on the merging points between classic B/X-style fantasy, and science-fantasy. I was partly prompted to write this by an email from the GM of a Vaarn campaign, asking for my thoughts on incorporating traditional magic-user PCs into Vaults of Vaarn. I'm personally happy with how Mystic Gifts work in vanilla… Continue reading SOURCERY

Guest Spot on Wobblies & Wizards

I have a new interview out with the Wobblies & Wizards podcast. I talk to Logar the Barbarian about Vaarn, Moebius, academia, making zines, distributing zines, the Antipode Zines store, e-readers vs printed books, why people still love zines in a digital world, and more. Logar is a great interviewer and keeps the energy high… Continue reading Guest Spot on Wobblies & Wizards


Hello folks, I've got something new on sale at Antipode! Presenting the first Vaults of Vaarn Adventure Pack. The mysterious, far-future wasteland of Vaarn is expanded in this pack of three short format adventure locations. Together Khenet Rock, Eigin Oasis, and The Tomb of Nassak An-Rah provide two challenging dungeons and one safe haven for your vault raiders.  Khenet… Continue reading VAULTS OF VAARN: ADVENTURE PACK 1


Last time, our intrepid adventurers battled themselves in jelly-clone form, finally drained the water from the flooded lower level of the Water Baron's Aquifer machine, and were ambushed by some glider spiders in a tunnel. We left them standing at the bottom of the main shaft, faced with the newly revealed body of the Hydra… Continue reading VAARN ACTUAL PLAY: EPISODE 31