I realised that we haven’t ever actually seen a random generator for the lives of the Autarchs who once ruled Vaarn. Given the flexible approach to historical canon that the setting is known for, this seemed like an oversight to me, so I have rectified it.

It’s not overly complex: you get a random Autarch name and ordinal, as well as the nickname their subjects gave them and the iconography they are usually depicted with. You also get some very basic biographical details: their posthumous reputation, the length of their reign, the cause of their death, a few details about their spouse, and who they left behind to continue the dynasty.

My hope is that if you ever need a random Autarch to be depicted on a vase or mural, you have a quick reference point here. In my personal canon the Autarchs were a science-fantasy blend of the Pharaohs and Roman Emperors, so I’ve defaulted to them being male patriarchs who passed down their Autarchies patrilinarly (although this doesn’t have to be true for your version, and I’d wager there were at least a few Autarchs who were Goddess-Queens even if you assume the system as a whole was patriarchal).

d20ForenameFamily NameOrdinalKnown AsIconography
1ArdarEldIthe StranglerDove
2IbbnAlIIthe BloodySandworm
3UluzIbbIIIthe DevoutScorpion
4RamaUzIVthe HesitantLion
5LuximEskVthe ScholarAlzabo
6UzziahUnVIthe BeggarJackal
7ZezekOzVIIthe WaspWasp
8IrenetLissVIIIthe SerpentSerpent
9QetetSurtIXthe SilentIbis
10XalfarAbnXthe PoetPeacock
11OthorUskXIthe TravellerCrocodile
13MeskhepAkXIIIthe Empty HandedHawk
14LeontinaxIkXIVthe GatekeeperKeys
15KhonoriYixXVWho WaitedHourglass
16ValexiosDulXVIthe StarwatcherStars
17NehmeelEbbXVIIthe PainterSun
18HahalikUttXVIIIthe DancerFull Moon
19JustuxOdXIXthe FoolHollow Skull
20ZephthysApseXXthe LawgiverMountain
d20ReputationTheir ReignCause of DeathAutarch’s SpouseHeirs
1Despised MonsterFour DaysPoisoned (Wine)Extrasolar Prince/ssNamed a Non-sentient Animal
2Evil CowardFortnightPoisoned (Arrow)Famed WarriorTwin Bastards
3Fratricidal LunaticSix MonthsPoisoned (Candle)Famed EnchanterSickly, Unsuited
4Spineless FailureTwo YearsMurdered (Viziers)Famed CharioteerInfant; Mother Ruled as Regent
5Brutal GluttonSix YearsBetrayed (Soldiers)Beautiful, MiserableSeven Daughters, No Sons
6Negligent WastrelTen YearsExecuted (Own Clone)Ruthless ClimberA Coward and a Braggart
7Aesthete IdiotSixteen YearsMurdered (Spouse)Masked MysticTimid Painter
8Pious DullardTwenty Five YearsEaten by AlzaboFamed PoetThirteen Bastard Sons
9Barely Worth MentionFifty YearsHunting AccidentSpent Their Days DrinkingNo Direct Heir; Several Feuding Cousins
10Folk HeroSix DecadesTrampled by ZoxenDied Young; Autarch Never RemarriedFive Awful Sons
11Generally ForgottenSeventy YearsFell from WindowSynthetic BrideInnumerable Children
12Scholarly NonentityEight DecadesDied in BattleKnown as the True RulerLeft None; Succession Crisis
13Brave and BoldNine DecadesHeart Attack at OrgyErratic MurdererGambling Addict
14Serial Bigamist100 YearsThrown out of AirlockDull but KindSingle Irresponsible Daughter
15Cunning, Cruel110 YearsTeleportation AccidentAnti-Synth FanaticIdentical Triplets
16Icy Manipulator120 YearsVehicle CrashPatron of the ArtsNo Children, Cloned Self
17Religious Zealot140 YearsRitual SuicideEx-GladiatorNamed a Synth; Scandal
18Married own Siblings150 YearsChoked on OliveRelative of AutarchChild Not Truly Autarch’s
19Overly Cautious170 yearsEarthquakeDaemon WorshipperReckless Idiot
20Loved by All200 YearsOld AgeSubject of Famous StatueWell-liked and Suitable

Some Random Autarchs

Finally, as is customary, I’ll roll up a few suzerains of Urth and see what we get.

First Autarch: Uzziah Oz XVI, whose subjects knew him as the Hesitant Autarch. He is depicted holding a key. He is remembered as being overly cautious, reigned 25 years, and died of old age. His spouse was a masked mystic, and he was succeeded by five awful sons.

Uzziah XVI seems like a minor figure in the history of the Autarchy. One wonders at the significance of the key: was this a true gate that he was hesitant to open, or does it symbolise occult knowledge that he hesitated to fully grasp? His mystical wife may have been the source of the knowledge Uzziah refused to understand. His tomb may hold the answers…

Second Autarch: Ardar Surt XII, whose subjects knew him as ‘the Beggar’. He is depicted beneath a full moon. He is remembered as a fratricidal lunatic, whose eighty year reign ended in ignomy when he was trampled to death by stampeding zoxen. His wife is remembered as the true ruler of the Autarchy, far more cunning than Ardar XII, and he left behind a single son: a gambling addict.

Ardar XII was clearly of Lunan descent, and if his symbolism wasn’t proof enough, we can see that he’s remembered as a ‘lunatic’, the men of Luna often mocked on Urth as unstable and somehow feminine. The two spheres were sometimes at war and sometimes unified during the High Autarchic period, although it’s unusual to see a full-blooded Lunan ascend to the Peacock Throne. Ardar XII’s nickname stems from his practise of dressing up as a beggar and roaming the streets of Luz to listen to what his common subjects were saying of him, a disguise somewhat hampered by his mighty stature and pale Lunan features. Regrettably his reign ended in the zox markets of Luz, when a careless stablehand discharged a firecracker and caused a stampede that claimed the lives of sixteen lowfolk and one God-king in disguise. That this was an accident did not spare the stablehand from the full penalty for Autarchicide, and his suffering was long indeed.

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    1. thank you Ray, they are intended to appear in a future publication, I am just not sure what form that will take. I have been talking to GO about a second book but I don’t know when that would appear.


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