A small bit of news: Vaults of Vaarn now has a digital System Reference Document for you to peruse. This was initially the work of a reader and fan, Desolate Drifter aka Gulluth Gulch, and I got involved once the hard part was done. The SRD compiles everything from issues 1-3 in a searchable online format, which will hopefully be useful at the table.

The rules contain a few updates and clarifications to common questions, so if you see rules text that contradicts what’s written in Issue #1, assume that the SRD is correct. The only major things I’ve changed are Psyche Slots (they no longer exist) and the way in which XP is acquired. I can talk about the reasons for these two changes at a later date.

You’ll also find a couple of previously unseen monsters hiding in the Bestiary; these were outtakes from Issue #1, which got cut due to space constraints. Reviewing my old notes I found myself wanting to rescue them from oblivion, so here they are.

The SRD is a living document, and I’ve got plans to update it as further material is released.

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