Hello folks, I’ve got something new on sale at Antipode! Presenting the first Vaults of Vaarn Adventure Pack.

The mysterious, far-future wasteland of Vaarn is expanded in this pack of three short format adventure locations. Together Khenet Rock, Eigin Oasis, and The Tomb of Nassak An-Rah provide two challenging dungeons and one safe haven for your vault raiders. 

Khenet Rock is a 12-room location, which can be dropped into existing campaigns or used as the starting adventure for a new one. This adventure pits the PCs against six newbeast bandits, who are formidable when they fight as a unit and are best tackled stealthily. The bandits also bear a slight resemblance to the bosses from a famous tactical espionage action game.

Eigin Oasis is a small starting settlement that can be used as a home base for PCs, or as a location they pass through. It has nine keyed locations, with accompanying NPCs and plot hooks. The front page of this sheet is a detailed map of the location.

The Tomb of Nassak An-Rah is a seven-room location, which I used in the first ever Vaults of Vaarn session back in January 2020. It’s a delve into the tomb of an Autarchy-era nobleman, which has been overrun by a virulent corpse-resurrecting fungus. This location includes several unique monsters and exotica. 

The adventure pack is the remnants of a limited print run produced for the Vaults of Vaarn Patreon and will not be reprinted. If you want to guarantee you get hold of stuff like this in future, please consider becoming a Patron!


    1. So this is me selling the remnants of Patreon material, the content is still living full-time on Patreon at the moment. If all you want are the PDFs you could just subscribe for a month and unsub once you’ve downloaded them. There is also a brand new Patron-only dungeon called ‘The Fount of Illustrious Flesh’ which is set inside a forgotten cloning facility, so you’d get that as well.


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