Holiday News Roundup

Hey folks, hope everyone’s having a good holiday season. Vaarn is closed for the moment, but there are a couple of quick news items I wanted to post before the new year.

Italian Translation

Vaults of Vaarn #1 has been translated into Italian! This was an effort by some Italian OSR fans, Pedro Celeste and Giovanni Tamba. Follow the link above to their page to download the translated zine free of charge. They have even made an Italian language character sheet and some pre-gen Level 1 PCs to go with the zine. I am beyond flattered that my work is now available in another language and I wanted to give it a shout-out.

Urth Simulacrum

Another exciting fan project, Urth Simulacrum is an automated Vaarn content generator that runs in your browser and can draw from any of the location tables in VoV #3 to create a fresh new science-fantasy locale on the fly. This project was created by the coder who built the Vaarn SRD, and was recently featured in Questing Beast’s Glatisant newsletter (which is a must-read if you’re into DIY D&D bloggers). The Urth Simulacrum is still in development and we’re planning to have more content in there soon.

Out On Our Own Sale

Finally, if you haven’t got the special edition of Out On Our Own’s Vaults of Vaarn soundtrack, it is currently free/pay what you want, and all of their other albums are as well. Head over to Bandcamp to get the download. This offer is only good until the end of Boxing Day, so you have another hour and forty-five minutes as of this post. I meant to update and mention this earlier but I forgot! Sorry!

Happy holidays and I will resume updates in 2022. There’s some very exciting Vaults of Vaarn releases coming soon and I can’t wait to tell you about them.

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