It is my great pleasure to announce that I’m launching a Patreon page.

I wanted to briefly outline what you can expect as a Patron of Vaarn. In short: my Patrons get more Vaarn, more often, and they support the creation of the setting while doing so.

All Patrons get access to exclusive posts and PDFs. My current plan is to update the Patreon at least twice a month. My intentions for the Patron-exclusive materials is to offer a mixture of previews of work in progress, A6-sized mini zines, one-page dungeons, and ‘Monster Monday’, where Patrons can vote on what type of Vaarnish creature I illustrate and write about. The exact frequency of each type of post will depend on my work flow, but I’m hoping each month will give you something to read or look at and something to actively use in your games. You will also get free PDF copies of future Vaarn zines, in advance of their public release.

Patrons who back at Exultant tier or higher will receive periodic Vaarn Mail. Currently the plan for Vaarn Mail is that it will include print copies of the exclusive mini zines and one-page dungeons, and possibly other goods like stickers or art prints if the economics permit it. Vaarn Mail will not go out every month, but I’d like to make it quarterly. 

Patrons who back at Autarch tier will receive annual exclusive art prints, which will not be available anywhere else. They will also be named and thanked in the credits for future Vaarn publications.

Throughout all of this, my  pledge is to communicate with Patrons and let you know early if there is something that’s stopping me from working. I am a full-time PhD candidate and there may be times where my academic work has to take priority, but I will always be transparent about this. 

I’m very excited about this venture, and I think it’s going to help me deliver rich, varied content at a consistent pace. The first ever Patron-exclusive post is already live: The Tomb of Nassak An-Rah, a seven room dungeon I wrote for the Vaarn setting. You get a full-colour map, room keys, and some unique monsters.

Lastly, I want to assure readers that Actual Play reports, Vaarn news, and other bits and pieces of lore and art will remain free and available here on the blog.

If extra Vaarn every month sounds fun, please Become a Patron!

2 thoughts on “VAARN PATREON”

  1. This makes me excited. I’ve been trolling the internet for more SFF and I’m very glad you’re making lots more content.


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