Hello everyone, after two months of writing and drawing, the second issue of my zine Vaults of Vaarn has been released!

Issue #2 Includes:

  • Information and background on the city of Gnomon: what it looks like, how it feels to walk through its streets, and why your players might visit the city.
  • Seven major NPCs who influence the city’s politics. Brief, evocative information on their appearance, personality, and desires. 
  • Guidance on how to use all seven major NPCs as either allies or antagonists for the players. No set narratives – just tools to create conflicts.
  • Seven major factions, one linked to each major NPC. They run the gamut from water-hoarding militias and clandestine cannibal cults to sun worshippers and gladiator lawyers.
  • Information on how the factions operate, how players might  join them, and guidance on playing the factions against one another.
  • Generator tables for creating merchant cartels, noble houses, taverns, pit fighting arenas, philosopher’s guilds, gangs of criminals, and religious orders. Each comes with a custom-built drama table that can help you create stories at your gaming table.
  • Street encounters, mercenaries for hire, and randomly generated Vaarnish meals.
  • Further story hooks to help you flesh out an ongoing campaign set in the city.

It is available for purchase through my Big Cartel store, and as a PDF from Hope you enjoy, I think there’s good stuff in this one!

14 thoughts on “VAULTS OF VAARN #2 RELEASE”

    1. Thank you! Reaction seems decent so far. Wanted to zoom in a bit for this issue and describe a specific place in more detail rather than dealing in broad strokes.


  1. It looks great!
    I’m going to buy the first issue on Lulu, do you plan to have this one available there as well?
    Thank you!


    1. Thank you! I’m not sure atm, the thing with Lulu is they don’t let you print inside the covers so you’d lose the information there. If that doesn’t bother you I can certainly set up a POD version.


      1. That would be great! Thank you! It doesn’t bother me very much, but if you decide to put it on Lulu maybe there should be warning for others about the missing pages. I’m looking forward your future work with great interest!


      2. You are obviously a very creative person and I Love what you are doing with the setting. Tons of excellent stuff. However some of us are old and grumpy and not only does our kind prefer a printed copy (#2 print is sold out across the known universe where apparently the concept of restocking is absolutely unthinkable) but we would really appreciate it if you put the link someplace easier to find rather than buried in a response to a comment. It is annoying to have only found it about 30 minutes after placing my Lulu order.


      3. Sorry about the link, forgot to include it on the main zines page. In general the Lulu POD option hasn’t had a high demand so it wasn’t a priority.

        Regarding restocks of the print zines, I have an agreement with a publisher now and am not at liberty to reprint as I choose. It’s not a case of it slipping my mind. The early zine material will be available in print widely in the near future.


  2. I recently got a copy of VoV from Monkey’s Paw and would love to continue on with physical copies, any plans to send out number two to Monkey’s Paw?


  3. This and issue 1 scratched an itch I didn’t know I had. Definitely looking for more please!

    The ulfire candles in issue 2 make me think my unfortunate travelers might stumble upon Carcosa.


    1. Thank you, Issue 3 is in early drafting stage at the moment. Really glad to hear you like the zines. I definitely think Carcosa can be reached from Vaarn via some kind of portal or awful ritual.

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