All Quiet On The Vaarnish Front

It’s been a bit quiet here this month. I haven’t had a chance to run any Vaarn sessions for my Sunday night group, so there hasn’t been anything in the way of game updates, and I’ve been channelling all of my creative energy into a Vaults of Vaarn RPG zine! I’ve completed a full 48 pages of content, including all-new artwork, and I’m hoping to have it on sale pretty soon. A few photos of the test print to show you what’s included:

The zine is A5 sized with full bleed printing.
You get full rules for play, equipment, weapons, cybernetic implants, psychic gifts, steeds, relics, and more.
There are also five different Vaarnish ancestries for player characters to choose from.
Some of the content has appeared on the blog already, but some is brand new.
Really happy with how it has come out!

UPDATE: as of today the zine is available to buy from my page! You can also download the PDF for free.

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