To Urth they came, long hungering, riding radiation-waves in the silence like fungal spores roil upon the wind. Our light does not love them as it does terrestrial creatures and so these cosmic vagrants are without shadow or hue possessing only unseen form. Those unfortunates who glimpse them are given mind of a withered tree or an octopus inverted and affixed with needles. In their hunger they offer travellers an embrace and flush sunset red when distended with fluid. 

If they speak it has yet to be heard and they do not deign to share their thoughts with us. 

Star Vampire

Level: 6
Armour: 25 invisible / 15 visible
Morale: 10
Appearing: 1d3
Attacks: 2 x tentacles (d8) / Latch and d4 CON drain

Invisible: Star Vampires are invisible under conventional light sources. Infrared or ulfire light will reveal their true shapes. Once the Vampire latches and begins feeding the creature is visible, as red blood flows through its occluded body. When visible their Armour Defense drops to 15. Star Vampires always surprise when encountered.

Star Flesh: the Vampire takes minimum damage from kinetic attacks. Hypergeometric and electrified weapons deal damage as normal.  

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