Hello folks, been a while, I’ve got something new on sale at Antipode! The second Vaults of Vaarn Adventure Pack is now available.

The mysterious, far-future wasteland of Vaarn is expanded in this pack of two short format adventure locations. Together The Fount of Illustrious Flesh and Caeba in the Maw provide two challenging dungeons and one safe haven for your vault raiders. 

Mimir, the cloned head of the Autarch

The Fount of Illustrious Flesh is a small dungeon, suitable for low level PCs.  This adventure location pits the vault-raiders against cunning, cannibal clones of a long-dead Autarch. There are also tricks, traps, megalomaniac heads preserved in mobile tanks, dogs with the faces of men, coffee and donuts dispensed by ancient machines, and a miraculous functioning pseudowomb in which clones may be produced.  Published as an A5 sized, six-panel pamphlet, in full colour on uncoated paper.

Caeba in the Maw is an adventure location presented in poster format. Your players can explore the trundle-town of Caeba, a roughneck scavenger suburb that roams the blue desert inside a great iron wheel. The PCs can also delve into the ossifying Corpse of the Grandfather – the carcass of a millennia-old sandworm, its four stomachs surely filled with secrets. Published as a double-sided A3 poster, in full colour on uncoated paper.

The trundle-town of Caeba

We also have some new zines in stock by other creators: Ava Islam’s rules-light, procedure-heavy RPG Errant is now available at Antipode. We also have fresh titles from NYC’s Mega Press: An Unknown Power, Orkness, and On the Way.

The deluxe edition of Vaults of Vaarn will be getting a reprint soon, so look out for that as well.


  1. I’m looking forward to a reprint! Sadly I only discovered this after the initial print run had completely sold out.Is there anyway to purchase the Deluxe Edition PDF anywhere? It seems only has the individual issues.


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