They are the fulfillment of humanity’s oldest and fondest wish: that we might join the birds we envy in the unbounded blue of the depths above. Despite forsaking the ground they have renounced none of their ancestors’ pride and the creatures are famed for their mercurial tempers and capacity to hold a grudge. 

The harpies of Ostriel are shaped like predatory birds with vibrantly coloured feathers, possessed of the visages and metacarpi of pale, aristocratic humans. Their clawed feet are as dextrous as any hand, and they are known as expert archers.

Special Rules

Hollow Bones – you take double damage from crushing or bludgeoning attacks.

Flight – you have powerful wings and can fly freely. You can carry another human-sized character aloft, so long as you have five or more empty item slots. 

Ancestral Enemy – when you encounter characters from Sargattea, all reaction or persuasion rolls are made with Disadvantage.

Spark Tables

1Lanky Sly  Thundercloud BlueChild-like 
2HunchedPowderedSimmering OrangeElegant
3SlenderPalePurple and TealTattooed Palms
4PlumpRitually Tattooed  Moonlit GreyExtravagantly Jewelled
5SinuousSculptedRegal BlueRecently Injured
6BonyYoungGory RedAlways Gloved
7RobustHarshEmerald GreenMissing Fingers
8ImposingBlankGold and YellowAncient Battle Scars
9DelicateBashfulIridescent SilverVictory Bangles
10AgedAncientOlive DrabGnarled
11MuscularBeguiling  Scar WhiteMalformed, Clumsy
12AngularTranquilIndigo and ScarletGilded Talons
13WirySharpRaw UmberHuge, Unclipped Talons
14Claw-ScarredOne-Eyed  Dusk PinkSoft and Perfumed
15ElegantGloweringBottle GreenOnce Badly Burned
17DaintyConcealedLustrous BlackPalms Dyed Black
18ToweringEnticingTurquoiseKnuckle Warts
19StoopedJewelledPowder BlueBear Shameful Brand
20Tiny    HungryWarning YellowSkeletal
1Khazri Broken TowerAbrasive  Great-grandmother Executed Unjustly
2SarmaHanged ManCallous
3BarguzinAiling MoonCynicalPassed over for Prestigious Office
4KaliRed TalonsDevious
5AmihanBitter WindFanatical Spurned by Potential Spouse
6HabagatBarbed ArrowFoolish
7RashabaEmpty GobletGreedyMother Killed in Battle with Sargatteans
8SimoonRegal MoonHaughty
9AlizeCrowned EyeImpulsiveTreated Dishonourably by Twin Sister
10KaraburaFalling StarJealous
11CoromueGilded TalonsMelodramatic  Mother Assassinated by Krypteia Agent
12FoehnPale BlossomMorbid
13BiseScornful SunObsessiveSnubbed by the Queen Beyond the Sky
15OstroMad EyePessimisticYou Were Punished for the Failings of Another
16MistralHollow CrownPretentious
17VendavelSacred BladeResentfulGiven an Inadequate Gift at a Wedding
18BoraGreen StarSuperstitious
19XlokBloody TongueVainAbsurd Grievance; Only Matters to You
20ZondaRising MoonVolatile

Sample Character

Finally, let’s put it all together. For body we roll Elegant, for face we roll Pale, for plumage Powder Blue, and for feet we get Extravagantly Jewelled. Our name is Bise, our roost’s sigil is a Scornful Sun, and our demeanour is Melodramatic. Bise’s current grudge is that she was Given an Inadequate Gift at a Wedding.

Bise seems to be a minor daughter of the Scornful Sun’s Chatelaine. One wonders what’s keeping her lower than she’d like in the pecking order. It’s possible that the Scornful Sun Roost just hasn’t been fighting that much in recent years, and the upper perches of the hierarchy have grown heavy with elder daughters who would otherwise have died in battle. Junior harpies like Bise often receive paltry gifts at weddings and other feasts (when there are twelve sisters above you, there’s only so much your host can do). Naturally such scenes cause simmering resentment, but calling out her older siblings isn’t something Bise can do lightly.

Such are the rewards of caution and prudence: a roost full of squabbling sisters. If I were the Scornful Sun Chatelaine, I would get involved in a minor vendetta as soon as possible, or perhaps enter some skirmishes with Sargattea. Hopefully some of Bise’s elder siblings will get thinned out in combat, and she will be able to move up the ranks. Failing that, it might be an adventurer’s life that calls for Bise, far from home.

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