Is there any sweeter smell? Fresh baked hardback books, just like mama used to make. The Deluxe Edition is now on sale at Exalted Funeral, so all my North American friends can now purchase a copy (if President Brandon’s bungling on gas prices has left you with any dollars in your pockets of course. I was told to make some jokes that would appeal to your unique sense of humour, I have no idea what the previous sentence even means.)

In all seriousness if you do want a copy I would get one now because these are the last of the first print run. We are likely to do a reprint but I don’t know exactly when that will happen.

3 thoughts on “AMERICAN VAARN”

  1. President Biden’s Student Loan forgiveness policies find me with plenty of available funds and I’m happy to say I purchased my copy and it has quickly become my favorite OSR ruleset/world! I am absolutley obsessed with your game and was inspired to start reading the New Sun books by Gene Wolfe which I am also enjoying.


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