This is not a drill! The Deluxe Edition hardback is available in the EU via Games Omnivorous and Antipode Zines in the UK. It will soon be stocked at Exalted Funeral in the US, along with other retailers who will be revealed in due course.

A sample of the new artwork

What’s inside the book?

Many exciting things! Here’s the contents list:

  • Chapter One Basic Rules. Includes character generation, ancestries, a new armour generation table, cybernetics, Mystic Gifts, etc.
  • Chapter Two – Referee Rules. Includes Referee principles, an expanded bestiary, travel procedures, weather, vehicles, creating NPCs, 100 Exotica, and generators for Drugs and Books.
  • Chapter Three – Creating your Setting. All of the dice-drop map generation material from Vaults #3. Includes an expanded Vault creation spread.
  • Chapter Four – Gnomon. The entirety of Vaults #2.
  • Chapter Five – Adventure Locations. Includes Eigin Oasis and the Tomb of Nassak An-Rah from Adventure Pack 01, as well as the Head of Briareus and Itaka Arcology, two completely new locations.
  • Appendices – Titans of a Faded Age and the Tongues of Vaarn.

If this is not enough to whet your appetite, I have also completed more than 50 brand new illustrations for the hardback book. Every monster in the bestiary is fully illustrated! So are all of the vehicles! I am confident that the hardback anthology will delight readers who are familiar with the original zines and newcomers alike.

Available now in hardback! Also available as a PDF! Why are you still here?

I should add that the Vaarn discord server is now open to everyone, if you would like to join our community and discuss the game, and science-fantasy more generally.

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