An incursion from another fevered sphere of reality, a bizarre hypergeometric monster which feeds upon paradox and whose mere regard unwinds the weave and weft of space-time. The Fractalisk resembles a lizard from some angles, a blossoming flower from others, and at times can seem no more substantial than a fan of light reflected upon a wall. In all aspects, however, the creature is virulently dangerous.

The horror of the beast is twofold. First, the Fractalisk is hypergeometrically self-similar and exhibits unfolding symmetry down to a cellular level: therefore any fragment of the Fractalisk is the entire Fractalisk, and although a blade or laser may shear through its luminous form, the result will merely be two smaller Fractalisks, exactly as intent on your demise as the original was.

The second horror is that the Fractalisk’s gaze is lethally recursive: beings that meet its lantern-like eyes are trapped in a never-ending cycle of unwilling repeated actions until they die of exhaustion, at which point the creature feasts upon them. Some warnings of a Fractalisk’s presence are the sight of animals looping through exhausted, trembling motions; the discovery of a mute and motionless traveller, across whose face plays a repetitive expression of quiet horror, like the light flickering from a distant fire; and the presence of the seared fractal prints the creature leaves upon the earth as it moves.

The beast is difficult to destroy, due to its strange and unurthly nature. Some claim weaponised normality gas can prevent it from splitting into smaller Fractalisks. Others believe hypergeometric weaponry can slay the beast. One decaying scroll states that a Fractalisk was once killed by a heroic synth, who showed the creature its own reflection using a specially prepared mirror. The truth of these claims is difficult to test: the Fractalisk is a rare and cunning monster, and those who go seeking it rarely return.

Fractalisk (Hypergeometric / Outsider)
HD 5, Armour 14, Morale 8, Appearing 1
Attacks: Claws (d8) + Recursive Gaze (Special)

Recursive Gaze: Any PC fixed with the Recursive Gaze must repeat the action they took the turn before, with no save allowed. This effect is broken if the Fractalisk’s gaze is interrupted, or if the creature dies.
Self Similar: Wounding a Fractalisk without the use of hypergeometric weaponry or anti-paradoxical normality gas causes the creature to spit into two identical Fractalisks, which can both target separate PCs with their Recursive Gazes.

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