Quick post to update on the current progress of various projects.

Vaults of Vaarn #2 is typed up and is being copyedited as we speak. I’m now working on illustrations. Projected release date will be early January 2021. The issue provides details on Gnomon, a playable trading city for Vaarn. You will get seven main factions with notable NPCs, details on how to use the factions to help or hinder your players, and generator tables for various smaller organisations like trade cartels, minor religious cults, philosopher’s guilds, noble houses, and so on. There’s also detail on water debt, haggling in the markets, tangling with the law, and ideas on how to change Gnomon as the campaign progresses.

Bloodheist is being tested and developed. I should have some test sessions written up soon, to give an idea of how a heist plays out at the table. I’ve had a load of fun creating heists for my test groups; the setting really writes itself and it’s easy to come up with crazy NPCs and locations. I’m hoping to work with a different artist for this project to give Bloodheist a separate identity from Vaarn. We’re going for a Mike Mignola / tarot card kind of art style, hopefully will have examples to post in the new year.

City Comics in Berlin are stocking the first issue of VOV, very exciting! If you’re based in the EU and want a print copy of the zine, this is a great place to get it from. I’m hopefully going to have a US distributor for my zines soon, so you won’t need to pay UK to US shipping rates to get a copy!

Finally, I’m looking ahead to creating more Vaarn content in 2021. I have my eyes set on Zinequest 3, as I’d really like to learn how to run a Kickstarter. I’m considering pitching a dungeon zine for the Vaarn setting called ‘Chapel of the Void Saints’. Envisioning a 36-page zine with opening rumours and plot hooks, room keys for the Chapel, some new monsters to fight or avoid, and new Exotica to plunder. Watch this space!

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