Bloodheist Kickstarter Pre-Launch

I am throwing my hat into the ring for Zinequest 3, which starts in just over a week! I have opened the pre-release page for the Bloodheist zine I’m working on, so you can be notified when the project goes live. I’m currently aiming for launch on the 2nd of February. I’ve never crowdfunded anything before, so I’m pretty nervous!

If you’re unaware of what Bloodheist is, you can read more about the project here. It’s basically a rules-lite, d6-based game about groups of vampires doing daring heists. Different tone and style to my Vaarn setting, but hopefully with the same sharp writing and eye for design that people like about those zines.

If you want a little taste of what the Bloodheist zine is going to look like, I have one below. I’m going full-colour for this release, as you can’t have a vampire zine without some reds:

Not final layout.

I’m also working with another artist for this project, although I can’t reveal any of their contributions just yet. Exciting times! Once again, if you’d like to contribute to the Kickstarter for Bloodheist, the link is here.

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